I’m A Big Girl Now!

So I keep thinking…one of these days I’m gonna get organized. And I’m really trying. I admit that I haven’t attacked any of the big projects yet, like the mountain of unpacked boxes at our old house, or my closet. But I’ve had little victories. Like cleaning out my car, including the trunk! And yesterday I cleaned the laundry room pedestals. They are now pristine and organized with all laundry soaps on one side, all stain removers and dryer sheets on the other. While I was cleaning, I found a Woolite sample and used it! My mom would be proud.

Usually, the only reason I clean is if company will be coming over. Or if I just can’t stand the mess anymore. Where do you find motivation to clean and stay organized?

Reflux Sux

I don’t think I will ever get over my guilt. My son was just a few weeks old, and I was sure I had all the answers. This was my second baby after all…my older daughter had a few weeks of colic early on too. It had to be colic. Because I knew. A mother always knows. Especially a “been there, done that” mom knows how to take care of her baby. For example, knowing when her baby is in pain – pretty fundamental stuff.

I remember strapping my son into his swing, and looking at his tear stained face. I calmly shushed him and said, “you’re ok, you’re ok”. I was confident, I knew that he just had colic. I wonder how many times he was in that swing crying himself to sleep. Was it 20? 30? 

I remember the moment when it dawned on me that something was truly wrong. i was holding him and pacing around the room, trying to figure out why he was so hysterical. He had been crying for a while and just couldn’t calm down. Suddenly, tiny bubbles started coming out of his mouth. He was literally foaming at the mouth. I did a quick google search on my phone – baby foaming at mouth. There it was. Silent reflux. And with that, our little world changed.

Winter Trees


Me: “I’ll be so glad when our trees in the backyard start to green up and grow leaves again.”

Sweet girl: “Why?” (of course :))

Me: “Because I think the leaves are pretty, and they give us shade in the yard.”

Sweet girl: “Well, I like to see the sky.”

Thank you, dear daughter. You are my sunshine, my love, my constant reminder of the good things in life. You are my bright side.

Love is in the air

Sometimes I wonder, how did I get so lucky?  Really, how? I love my husband, I have two beautiful kids (inside and out), and we are all in reasonably good health.  I must have done something right in a former life or this life. So, so thankful.

Be Mine 2013

Be Mine 2013

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